Opentour 2022 / Art is coming out: Avvicinare le distanze

23 June – 23 June 2022

curated by Davide Ferri and Cecilia Canziani

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, the Confcommercio Ascom galleries of modern and contemporary art of Bologna and Fondazione Zucchelli present the 8th iteration of Opentour / Art is coming out, the format launched in 2015, curated this year by Carmen Lorenzetti and Giuseppe Lufrano.

The central feature of the event is a large distributed exhibition that opens on Thursday 23 June, from 3pm to 11pm. An extraordinary appointment that includes the participation of 29 galleries, non-profit spaces and other public and private locations in the city, each presenting a specific exhibition project: the true protagonists are the works by students soon to graduate or with degrees earned over the last two years, who during the pandemic had few opportunities for visibility.

Opentour sets out to support young talents, facilitating their relationship with the market and putting the intense research conducted in the Academy into contact with the private and public locations of art, especially the galleries, the fulcrum of commercial activity: a dialogue that should serve as a fertile experience and a very important launching pad into the role of the professional artist.

In its spaces at Via Azzo Gardino 9, P420 presents the exhibition Avvicinare le distanze curated by Cecilia Canziani and Davide Ferri. It is not a theme exhibition, but an attempt to shed light on the inner aspects of the individual works on view, seeking a correspondence in the trajectories and the relations between the works and the exhibition space. Utilizing various media, including painting, sculpture, installation, sound and drawing, all the works in the show are activated in a tension of scale – or of meaning – between two opposing positions: a proximity of elements that becomes energetic and generative, or a distance between parts of the work, between the planes of the work, between works and the body of the viewer, between the exhibition space and the place that generates the work, between appearance and meaning of the work.

This internal movement is taken as a methodological indication for the exhibition design, translating into the activation of space through juxtapositions, divergences, leaps of scale that become the focus of reflections and dialogue between the artists and the curators in the days of preparation prior to the show.

Works are included by eleven artists: Lorena Bucur, Elisa Capucci, Lorenzo Ermini, Francesco Ibba, Mihaly Kovacs, Giacomo Mallardo, Gianlorenzo Nardi, Martina Pozzobon, Mehrnoosh Roshanaei, Tommaso Silvestroni and Arianna Zama.